The Spero Project

Mobilizing the Church to know, love, and value
under-resourced communities.

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We hope you're as inspired as we are by our incredible partners, friends, and neighbors. Check out what they've been up to in 2017!


Neighbors across the city working together to address food insecurity.

Full mobilizes volunteers to provide in-home delivery of groceries to home-bound elderly or disabled individuals at or below the poverty line. Church partners have made monthly deliveries to neighbors near them, offering relationships that are just as valuable as the food being delivered!


"For the last two years, my deliveries have been to two homebound widows, and I've learned quite a bit from becoming friends with them. Each month they ask how our growing baby daughter is doing. They offer to pray for me and my family just as often as I pray for them. Alma answers the phone with "Praise the Lord!"  every single time I call, and has showed me what the life of a true prayer warrior looks like. They are both very appreciative of the food, but I think all of us get even more out of the relationships we have developed."

-Mark Nehrenz



Church Partners


deliveries made each month


food pantry partners



We're looking forward to adding supportive services to neighbors who receive in-home grocery delivery. In 2018, we will build a network of partners to offer additional support to our neighbors-- with things like assistance with yard work and simple home repair.


The Common

The Common Network began just before 2017 and has had an amazing year so far! The Common Network is a community of compassionate neighbors who provide support to the international refugee community. Network members provided transportation to doctor's appointments, assisted with job applications, mentored teenagers, answered accounting questions, and much more!


Adult Education

English classes, one-on-one tutoring, and Citizenship Classes provide adults in the community access to welcoming, tailored instruction and support.


Number of students in Adult education programs in 2017.

"I am happy because the classes have helped me to study and learn to write my name."

-Nadia, our new neighbor from Sudan



Number of new network connections made to date between members of The Common Network and members of the refugee community.


Student Support

After school homework assistance, one-on-one tutoring, and an educational Youth Summer Program ensure that our new neighbors have the support they need to achieve academic success.


Number of students participating in student support programs in 2017.

"You wouldn't know until you experience it. But I know how hard it was when we first arrived to the United States. So it's a great privilege to get to serve my community."

-Sang Rem, Director of Student Support


The Spero Project helps refugees who are in need of support. From finding a ride to get to your appointment to just being there for you during your hardships. Having an organization like The Spero Project is a miracle for my family and my community. I am very thankful to the members of this organization for the gift of love and support.
— Moe Moe, our neighbor from Burma


Rallying together to support our schools.

Oklahoma schools increasingly struggle with teacher retention. Since 2010, more teachers have left the profession than joined it in our state. With a rise in overall student enrollment, this is arguably one of the most pressing issues facing our communities. We're honored and excited to rally around the amazing teachers and staff that make our schools great.

"The partnership of The Spero Project's RALLY Program has meant the world to our teachers. The ability to mobilize so many volunteers to the school for different projects has been such a support. The teachers at Tulakes go above and beyond and we are so lucky to partner with an organization that has the same mission and mindset."
-Jen Evans, Educator at Tulakes Elementary



We're ready to add more partner schools! Your support will make a new match possible, mobilizing church partners to rally around a school!



the number of special events supported or hosted this year.


the number of work days at elementary schools to date in 2017.



the number of teachers matched through adopt-a-classroom.


the number of sports teams matched with a partner church.




Through programs like SHARP, MARKED, and educational community events, we love to partner with our community to think critically about the way we engage our neighbors locally and globally.







Participated in educational training and mobilization efforts, moving the Church to think differently about under-resourced communities.