2016 was an amazing year. We partnered with incredible churches, volunteers and neighborhoods. Take a look at what this year has held and see what's in store for 2017. We are excited to see what's to come when we are moved by hope together!


The Common.


The Common is our project that offers both tangible and intangible needs in the refugee community. We partner with individuals and organizations all over the city that have a heart to invest in this thriving community. Staff members, interns, and established relationships with churches and other organizations all work together to provide goods and services to individuals and families in the refugee community.


65+ Million

there are 65 million+ people in the world that have been forcibly displaced.


21 Million

of those forcibly displaced people, roughly 21 million were refugees.




The average amount of individuals that are displaced from their homes every minute.


at 24 people a minute that is 34,000 displaced people a day.


of all those individuals displaced, only 1% will be given the opportunity for official refugee resettlement.




RALLY invites churches and businesses to support schools in the Oklahoma City Metro in practical and helpful ways.

RALLY is our project committed to developing a personalized relationship between churches/businesses and schools in our city. We organize events, communicate with both parties to ensure needs at the school are being met, and support the organization through recruitment and training efforts. Both school and organizational staff have little margin in their week for communication and administration because they are pouring into such important work themselves. That's where RALLY comes in!



Oklahoma spends the least amount per student in the Midwest region of the US.

State spending on Education (in Billions) Vs. Student Enrollment (in millions)

Source: Oklahoma Education Coalition




FULL is our community development ministry focused on growing relational networks that help neighborhoods reach their full potential. We know that Oklahoma City is a place full of hope, relationships, and resources that can ensure all communities in our city thrive.



Infants born in Oklahoma are immediately enrolled in WIC.


Children face food insecurity in Oklahoma.


Adults Face food insecurity in Oklahoma.


Training Programs. 



"Life is messy for everyone, and it's important for us as individuals and nonprofits to remember that also applies to those in situations of need we are trying to help. Marked creates open spaces for us to talk frankly and honestly about the importance of remembering this when helping others. Often, the issues we see on the surface are symptoms of a root cause - not the actual issue - and identifying the root cause only comes when we engage in deeply rooted, messy, real-life relationship with those we are serving. Serving with dignity can only be done when these relationships are present."

- Marked Partner Agency



“[The Lord has taught me that] the Church is the hope of the world and that can never be unleashed until we recognize it goes way beyond buildings and programs and preachers. I was challenged so much this summer by the content we covered in SHARP. Instead of just having things reaffirmed that I already knew, I felt like I learned so many new things that allowed me to widen my perspective and truly come away with a kingdom mindset toward many things I hadn’t considered before."

-Former Sharp Participant


Are you Moved by Hope?